Andy Thomas {web designer}

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Hi, My name is Andy Thomas and I'm a web designer from Toronto, On.

I'm currently working on some projects at the U of T School of Continuing Studies.

I have an equil balance of creative and technical skills that give me an advantage creating for the web. I have a solid knowhow of bringing a simple concept or idea all the way to a complete, polished finished project. I currently have a few projects on the go, but I'd love to find out how I might be able to help you or your business improve your web presence.

Tools of the trade


  • Art Direction
  • UX/Interface design - mobile/desktop
  • Illustration
  • Logos & Branding
  • Information Architecture, Wireframing & Rapid Prototyping
  • Advertising for print/online
  • Photo manipulation & Alteration
  • Video editing & Production
  • Animation & Motion Graphics


  • Clean & Symantic HTML5/CSS3
  • Front end Responsive/Mobile development
  • WCAG Accessability standards
  • Cross browser compatability
  • Newsletter coding
  • Front end theming for Wordpress, .net and others
  • A learning knowledge of Javascript/JQuery

+ Contact

I suppose if you wanted to get ahold of me, this'd be the place, no?

I love hearing from people so drop me a note and maybe I can help you out. I’m available for freelance, contract and full-time opportunities.

Contact me on twitter, track me down on LinkedIn or just a simple email andy (at), thanks!